Tom Brady’s Torn ACL and NFL Career Documentary

Tom Brady’s Torn ACL and NFL Career Documentary



Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of our generation(2nd best ever behind Joe Montana). He won the Super Bowl last weekend against the reigning champions, Seattle Seahawks, to win his fourth ring. He last appeared in the Super Bowl in 2008 against the New York Giants in a dramatic loss! Prior to their Super Bowl loss at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona, the New England Patriots were a perfect 16-0. This was a major time, I lived in Tempe, Arizona and my roommates – now my best friends – are from Boston, so their family came down to visit since they purchased tickets for the game. I drove to the stadium early the day of the big game to drop them off, and wished them good luck… Little did my friends family know that I absolutely HATED the Patriots at the time because if you know Boston fans, they’re the most loyal shit-talking sports fans in the World(but, I love them now because of my friends). Each and every single Sunday prior to the Super Bowl, my roommates and I would get into fights talking¬†about the Patriots, and if you know, it’s impossible to shit to a team that’s undefeated. What the hell can you say to a team that goes the entire season undefeated? The only thing I kept saying was, ” Just watch! you guys are going to win all these games and end up losing the Super Bowl.” After one long football season and playoff, my wish came true. The New York Giants – who barely even made the playoff roster – had beat the undefeated Patriots in what could easily be the greatest Super Bowl game in history!

When my friends got back from the game, guess what I did? I was laughing, screaming and talking shit from the top of my lungs right in their face throughout the entire night! had it not been for our fourth roommate, I would have gotten into a fist fight with one of them. It was the greatest night of my sports shit-talking life. I was the happiest person in the World to see the Patriots fall in dramatic fashion.

Rewind to the middle of last season(2014-2015 NFL season), I realized that the Super Bowl would be held, yet again, at in Arizona at the University of Phoenix stadium. At that moment, I had a weird superstition that the New England Patriots would make it back to the Super Bowl, in the same stadium that they last made a Super Bowl appearance to, and reclaim their Super Bowl title. Keep in mind, that I’m a strong believer in karma, the Law of Attraction and all that fun jazz on mind and physics. So, since I had this belief, I thought about placing my bets before the playoffs on the Patriots to win. Unfortunately, I didn’t believe strong enough to place this bet, which would have won me $5,000 (shame on me).

After the win, I immediately called one of my Bostonian friends to congratulate him and tell him how excited I was for them to win and tell him about my superstition. He freaked out and said, “Dude, get out of my head! That is the same exact thing I was thinking too!” It was great to catch up with him and, yes, I hated the Patriots at the time of the 2008 Super Bowl, but I didn’t this season. Why, you might ask? Because I hadn’t torn my ACL until the year after in 2009. Tom Brady tore his ACL in the 2008-2009 season, so I guess you could say that karma’s a bitch and she slapped me pretty hard with an ACL tear. Speaking of Tom Brady’s torn ACL, let’s see how it happened…

Tom Brady tore his ACL – and MCL – in week one of the 2008-2009 season against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Tom Brady’s stats from his 2008 Super Bowl appearance to his 2015 Super Bowl appearance.



Joe Montana may be the greatest quarterback of all time, but Tom Brady winds by a landslide when it comes to being the NFL Draft’s biggest steal. He was drafted in 2000 as the 199th overall pick in the sixth round. Let’s take a take a look at Tom Brady’s career and why he is “The Legend”

From this entire article, I want you to watch Tom Brady’s “Year of the Quarterback – The Brady 6” docuementary. In this documentary, you will understand what perseverance, belief and confidence can do for yourself. Whether you’re an athlete that plays football or not, this will inspire you to continue pushing yourself mentally and physically throughout your physical therapy to play the game you love!



Boston Glode – Brady with Torn ACL and MCL

Week 1: Brady Knee Injury

Tom Brady Torn ACL Surgery

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