The Best Compression Knee Sleeves I’ve Ever Worn – Enerskin

Enerskin Knee Sleeve Review
Enerskin Knee Sleeve Review

The Best Compression Knee Sleeves I’ve Ever Worn – Enerskin

It’s safe to say, I’ve found the best knee product for any athlete with knee problems…

Introducing Enerskin, the World’s first, and only, wearable silicone taping system infused onto high-tech compression gear.



You might think to yourself, “So, it’s essentially KT tape glued onto compression gear, right?” WRONG!

The Enerskin tape is made of advanced silicone(layered 3 times), instead of elastic strands; the compression fabric is made of Gastex, a special combination of stretchable fibers. These two combined create a dynamic duo of compression and support — something I am never satisfied with when it comes to a product for my knees. Before discovering Enerskin’s compression sleeve, I wore a combination of KT tape underneath the McDavid Padded Knee Sleeve’s over a McDavid Knee Neoprene Knee Sleeve. This was the combo I’ve worn for many years because of the added support and protection. Before then, I’ve worn a few of DonJoy’s knee braces, but for a very short time. The comfort level of these enormous knee braces were never my thing, and many doctor’s have noted that a knee brace is a “safety net” for those that feel better(psychologically) with one on because of the fear of re-injury.

With the Enerskin Knee Sleeve’s, It felt as if I had finally discovered and tasted the fountain of youth— my knees’ felt AMAZING! The level of compression made my muscles feel strong, yet relaxed. And with the silicone taping system, my knees felt stable, yet agile. On top of this, I no longer had shin splints when going on a run. Before owning a pair of Enerskin Knee Sleeves, I stopped going on runs on the boardwalk by the beach because of the non-stop pain from shin splints. The knee sleeves are run from the top of your ankle to the top of your thighs, providing a comfortable and equally distributed amount of compression. No longer did I have achiness in my knees and muscles.



Let’s also not forget the compression shorts, holy hell did my hips and ass feel aligned. Personally, I seem to have a bit of a hip issue where my gait just feels off at times. Having gait problems is a normal issue for athletes recovering from knee surgery to have because of the loss of muscle in your glutes and hip region, throwing off the alignment of your walking pattern. It feels as if your hip wants to poke out of the joint or as if you have an unintended pimp walk, leaning to one side with each step. The Enerskin Shorts eliminated this issue immediately. As with many things, there are advantages, and there are disadvantages. Let me show you what these are.

Enerskin Compression Knee Sleeves and Shorts

Basketball Training with Enerskin Compression Knee Sleeves and Shorts

The Advantages of Enerskin Compression Knee Sleeves and Shorts:

  • Quality – The Gastex combined with the Silicone taping system is truly a work of art. You can sense the level of design and ergonomics when analyzing the product in your hands. I don’t recall ever appreciating such a beautiful piece of fabric( probably because my knees are in love).
  • Comfort – I’ve worn the knee sleeves for at least 6 hours at a time because of how comfortable they are and how great my knees feel.
  • Support – The amount of support that my knees feel is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, considering it feels much better than a brace.
  • Mobility & Durability – The level of restriction is  non-existent because of the material the compression knee sleeves are made of. There just isn’t anything comparable when it comes to their patented Gastex fabric + Silicone tape. I’ve stretched these suckers out and have used them for weeks now, and they’re showing no sign of slowing down.
  • No Slippage – This is the number one, most annoying f***ing thing in the World to me. Every knee brace and sleeve I’ve worn ALWAYS slips and rolls down your leg while you’re playing. With the silicone taping system underneath the compression sleeve, the silicone adheres to your skin, and STAYS there the entire time.
  • Silicone + Compression – There’s nothing out there like it. Enerskin has a patent on this combination, so you probably won’t find it anywhere else(there’s no reason to). The Silicone tape runs up your shin, surrounding your calf, knee cap, VMO muscle, and up your hamstring to all feel as if your muscles and joints are even more connected to one another working in unison. It’s a feeling that can’t be understood until you’ve worn them.
  • Pain & Swelling Reduction – After rigorous workouts, I experience painful shin splints, inflammation and achy joints. Using the Enerskin Compression Sleeves eliminated the pain and swelling.
  • Recovery – If you’re currently recovering from knee surgery from a torn ACL and meniscus, the Enerskin knee sleeves function similar to the ugly white compression sleeves you’re required to wear. The knee sleeves work to keep your muscles compressed to reduce inflammation and prevent blood clots. Like any product used for medical purposes, you should consult your doctor before using it.
  • Wet Wicking – Enerskin’s fabric is water repellent, moisture permeable and has a thermal effect. It maintains form even after exposure to heat and/or cold.
  • Aesthetics – Not only do the Enerskin products perform at a high level of functionality, these bad boys are sweet! This is mainly due to the lining of the Silicone that wraps around your entire leg( I feel like spider-man with these things on!).
Enerskin Compression Knee Sleeves and Shorts

Enerskin Compression Knee Sleeves and Shorts

The disadvantages of Enerskin Compression Knee Sleeves and Compression Shorts:

  • Price – Most of you may be shocked by the price of the Enerskin products, I know, because I was surprised when I first saw the value. However, after reading on about the product, I decided to give the product a try. After using the product, I completely understand the high price in the product because of the impressively constructed quality of the product, the benefits I previously listed and the many patents they have. You will not find another product with silicone tape infused onto compression gear.
  • Installation – Let me tell you, you will NOT get these on the correctly the first time. Because of the Silicone underneath, it will stick to your skin, making it difficult to pull up your leg. So, in order to put any Enerskin product on you need to put them on inside out, then begin to roll the knee sleeve up your leg. This is only a small disadvantage because with practice and usage comes the ease of installation(think of it like riding a bike).


My thoughts about Enerskin Compression Knee Sleeves and Compression Shorts.

I couldn’t be any more happy as I am impressed with the product. Never did I ever expect myself to obsess and rave about a product, let alone a knee sleeve. The only thing I can’t tell you is how long the product will last for. But with any product being used daily, you can expect there to be wear and tear( I don’t see this happening for a couple of months). There’s nothing that comes close to the comfort, support and mobility of the Enerskin Compression Sleeves. With silicone and compression combined, my knees and hips feel fully supported in every angle and direction. And as you can see, there are far superior advantages of wearing the Enerskin Compression Sleeves than there are disadvantages. I highly recommend getting yourself a pair of their compression knee sleeves as a set. Once you wear them, I guarantee you’ll feel justified by the high value of them. And as you know by now, you shouldn’t ever skimp on your health, because who wants to go through 6-9 months of physical therapy again?



Visit EnerskinAmerica by clicking the link here >>>

Enerskin Coupon Code

Enerskin Coupon Code



Advantage of Compression Knee Sleeves

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    Hi I am 52years old female. I am having knee pain and inflammation for more than a month. Will the knee sleeves be useful for me

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    Can I get these for my legs I need compression to reduce swelling due to poor circulation . Haven’t found a compression that doesn’t give way… I have had blood clots in the past..

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      You will certainly find great use in these knee sleeves. These will certainly help to reduce swelling and increase circulation. 🙂

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    I am into OCR. I have arthritis in both knees. It is extremely painful to run or jump. What are the chances that these may help reduce some of that?

    • egrabin says:

      Hello Norm,

      There’s a great chance these will help you! 🙂
      There are many OCR athletes that love the Enerskin gear and wear it during OCR events.

      I have onset arthritis as I no longer have a meniscus in both of my knees and these help reduce the achy and painful feeling you get from arthritis. Especially since the winter season is here, my knees will ache and once I put the sleeves on, my achiness is gone immediately!

      There’s a reason why I strongly promote them… because they work! And I know first hand from my 2 ACL surgeries that these are a life saver!

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