The Best ACL Surgery Videos You Need to Watch Right Now!

The Best ACL Surgery Videos You Need to Watch Right Now!

As I was randomly searching for different quality video content to share with you, I landed upon this first video – What is the ACL and How Does it Work? – ACL Series – And wow! These video’s are exactly what athletes with knee injuries need. Short, sweet, visual, and informative. Too many of these articles I come across are doctors writing case studies and so on, but they’re written for other doctors to comprehend and not US – the athlete – that’s sitting here injured looking at medical terminology, selecting the word and clicking “look up in dictionary” (Mac users).  Below you see 7 episodes they have up – so far – of their “ACL Series.”

***(Visit this frequently as I update it as soon as ReadySetMED uploads more videos about your knee)

Are You an Elite Athlete?

What is the ACL and How Does it Work? – ACL Series

What Role Does the ACL Play in Sports? – ACL Series

Did You Sustain an Injury to Your Knee? – ACL Series

Did You Sustain an Injury to Your ACL? – ACL Series

What is an ACL Allograft Surgery? ***WARNING*** Contains graphic real-life surgery operation.

What is a Hamstrings Autograft Surgery? – ACL Series

What is a Patella Autograft Surgery? – ACL Series

*** Updated Video 10/21***

What are the Differences Between Autograft and Allograft Surgery? – ACL Series



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2 Responses

  1. Hanna Salo says:

    I have to say that I love your web site and it’s so facilitating to read that other people has almost the same problems in their knees as I have. I found your web site when I was surfing on Instagram and then suddenly losted in your Instagram account. Now I have red and watched almost everything in your web site. But I still can’t find anything about my knee problem.
    So, my right knee was operated by an orthopedic, one week ago. This problem I have is called JOD-colony. JOD means JUVENIILI OSTEOKONDRITIS DISSEKANS. My doctor said that this ailment is uncommon, and that might be the reason why I haven’t found anything about this on your web page. But I have to ask, because I can never know if you might know something about this knee problem. This problem is called bone / joint disease. It occurs in physically active adolescents, people whose bones are still growing up. I’m 17 years old and I play handball. I train very often, 10-13 hours per week. They found this ailment by taking magnetic resonance image and X-ray from my both knees. My left knee turned out to be normal, but they found this ailment from my right knee. The main symptons are pain while training (especially in running and jumping), deceive over while running and the feeling that your knee would ’’lock on’’. I had this symptons almost three years, but my knees was imaged not until this November. I was lucky, because I get the operation so fast and now the rehabilitation can start! I send you a link, where you can read more about my knee problem, maybe that would explain you little bit better, because this is so hard to write about this in english. That article is made by my orthopedic and his assistant.
    I hope I will hear from you soon!
    With best regards Hanna Salo

    • egrabin says:

      Hi Hanna,
      You have JOD JUVENILE OSTEOCHONDRITIS DISSECANS. We currently do not have any articles on it, but will certainly have one up, however, cannot read the language that the PDF is in.

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