Stem Cell Therapy For Knees to Recover in Weeks!

Stem Cell Therapy For Knees 


Stem cells being injected into a patients injured knee

With exponential advancements in healthcare and technology, stem cell therapy for knees is making an astounding rise that will bring tons of smiles and hope to athletes with knee injuries. Stem cells are cells in your body that have the capability to regenerate and multiply into any type of cell.

“As older cells die, new cells are born from stem cells with the unique capability of being able to create multiple types of other cells. However, when tissues are injured, the degenerative process exceeds this regenerative process, resulting in structures that become weaker, painful and less functional. While there are several types of stem cells, those that are best at promoting musculoskeletal healing (tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone) are found in bone marrow.” –

Now, imagine that what stem cell therapy for knees can do for athletes that suffer knee injuries such as a torn acl, mcl and/or meniscus, which are the commonly injured structures in the knee that require surgery for athletes. Stem cell therapy for knees can drastically reduce the time to recovery because of it’s non-surgical procedure that only requires harvesting your own stem cells and injecting them back into your knees. Imagine tearing something in your knee and not having to miss a sports season to the long grueling 6-12 month recovery process, that is what the future of stem cells hold for athletes.

What is the procedure for stem cell therapy for knees?

  • The procedure can be done under ultrasound and x-ray precision at the doctors office. The patient will lay facing down with their lower back exposed. Stem cells are harvested from the blood of the bone marrow at the back of the patient’s hip (illiac bone), which patient’s have noted that it is not as painful as it sounds. The stem cells are then concentrated from the bone marrow blood, leaving out other unnecessary cells. Concentrated platelets are gathered as well to be injected into the patient’s injured knee. After 3-5 days, platelets are injected again to help promote the growth and activation of the stem cells to improve healing.

What are the benefits of stem cell therapy for knees?

  • Without surgical reconstruction, injecting stem cells into your injured knee enables you to begin physical therapy immediately.
  • Instead of the normal recovery time of 6-9 months of physical therapy, stem cell injections can have you fully recovered in as soon as 6-12 weeks. (This only applies to those with “partially” torn ligaments and not fully torn ligaments.
  • The cost is far less, but may not be covered by your insurance.

“Depending upon the severity of the injury, Centeno touts a recovery time of six to 12 weeks, a fraction of the six to nine months it takes to recover from a standard ACL surgery. This disparity is mostly due to the trauma involved with reconstructive surgery, compared with none for stem-cell therapy, which allows rehabilitation to begin immediately. The cost, too, is far less—about $4,000 for a stem-cell procedure versus $12,000 or more for surgery. However, while surgery is often covered by insurance, you’ll probably have to pay for stem-cell therapy yourself.”Stephen Drake, pro skier and DPS founder

Athletes that have undergone stem cell therapy:

  • Peyton Manning after his neck injury
  • Chris Johnson after torn meniscus
  • Bartolo Colon after a torn rotator cuff

Below you will find more information about stem cell therapy led by Regenexx.

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