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I am adding lots of content to this blog about knee injuries to athletes and how to recover stronger through physical therapy, nutrition, discipline and motivation. My goal is to provide as much information from around the internet as well as my own experiences with two blown out ACL’s.

Your physical therapist may have experience with  physical rehabilitaiton, however, ask if they’ve personally gone through knee surgery personally. More likely than not, they haven’t and are usually busy handling multiple patients at a time to be able to help fully assist you after your initial physical therapy sessions are done.  I’ve learned that outside of physical therapy is where the real progress happens. One thing is certain, you will spend countless hours alone drugged up pain killers and resting with ice. I’m here to help you with a nutritional plan, a list of knee exercises and a strong mentality that is demanded throughout the six months of recovery.

I’ve been a competitive athlete my entire life and attended Arizona State University.I was on my way to play basketball for ASU the year James Harden was here until I blew out both my knees aka “the terrible triad,” exactly one year apart from each other. I had a completely torn ACL,   MCL and  meniscus in both of knees.  As devastating as it was to sit out from the love of sports, I’ve learned valuable lessons and want to share my experience with those going through the same journey.

A knee injury is a blessing in disguise, because with proper nutrition and physical therapy, I guarantee you will return to your sport far better than you ever thought you could have; I did and so can you.

For reference, here is a video of myself after my second ACL recovery. When I returned to my sport, my legs were stronger and faster than ever. I gained nearly 12″ on my vertical jump. Nothing special to it, just discipline, nutrition and the right mentality.

Browse through my website and I hope you stick around as I pack this website full of content to make for a speedy recovery.

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