Ricky Rubio’s Torn ACL Documentary

Ricky Rubio’s Torn ACL Documentary


Ricky Rubio tears ACL & LCL after colliding knees with Kobe Bryant

Rubio went down in the closing seconds of a loss to the Lakers back in 2012, when his knee buckled as he tried to help out on defense against Kobe Bryant. An MRI confirmed everyone’s fears, and there were plenty of long faces before the Wolves hosted the New Orleans Hornets.

“Thank you everybody for your support,” Rubio tweeted. “I promise I will be back soon and stronger. There is only one way to take: move forward and stay positive.”

Even Adrian Peterson sent out a tweet to acknowledge Ricky while he was recovering from a torn ACL himself.





Rick Rubio’s Road to Recovery

“Well, to think that you can’t play until 7-8 months is hard. Who knows if you’re going to be good and if you’re going to be the same player. When you’re healthy you don’t think about how lucky you are,  but when you’re doing things while you’re hurt, you think about how hard things can be.” – Ricky Rubio.

Andre Deloya, Minnesota Timberwolves physical trainer, says that he has had the fortune to have had family members and close friends with him over the summer. It can really help an athlete when they have family around to cope with an ACL injury as it can place a great emotional let down on one’s outlook on sports. He’s very goal driven and as long as we have goals for him to work on and he can see that he’s achieving these goals, he’s as happy as he can be. Andre states that Ricky Rubio tore his ACL as well as part of his LCL ( lateral collateral ligament). You will rarely hear an LCL tear from a non-contact injury. It is mostly torn from a direct blow to the knee – which is what happened when he banged knees with Kobe.

Ricky said that when he was watching the games, it was really tough for him to see, but it has given him more energy and power to come to physical therapy to work hard every day to get back as soon as possible and to feel what it’s like to play again.


Ricky Rubio’s Road to Recovery: Part II

“The first day, I couldn’t walk. I tried placing my weight equally and it was like 90-10. It was weird because of all the swelling,” said Rubio.

Andre says that he’s hitting all his goals faster than most because he does everything right and he’s also a supremely well-conditioned athlete.He has the benefit of the improved circulation, he has great neuromuscular programming, he’s wired to perform and understand how his body works.

“When I play my first game, I will thank everybody that got me back and to give thanks every day that I’m healthy, because I know what it’s like to be injured and all the things you go through and appreciate everything even better,” Rubio says.

Ricky Rubio Returns to the court On Dec. 15th, 2012 after tearing his ACL & LCL nine months ago in March.

After a much-anticipated wait for Ricky Rubio to return from after his exhilarating rookie season, it was evident that he had some rust to clear off, which isn’t surprising after a nine-month hiatus. However, as time went on, Ricky never seemed to regain his rookie season talents, but rather become more timid and tentative with his game. You could see the content and worry he had… over time, he would eventually grow into his old self, but it wasn’t instantly as most fans expected.

Fast forward to February, 2015 and Ricky Rubio is currently dealing with an ankle issue. He severely sprained in back in November of 2014 but has returned and looks to continue maintaining a healthy body. The Minnesota Timberwolves recently extended his contract to a four-year $55 million extension back in October.




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