Marijuana for Knee Pain and Swelling

Marijuana for Knee Pain and Swelling

Marijuana for Knee Pain & Swelling

Marijuana for Knee Pain & Swelling

The first thing that may come to your mind about marijuana is that it is an “illegal” “drug” that alters your consciousness. On top of that, there’s a huge drug war and continues to flourish in America. However, did you know that countless studies by scientists around the world have provided research with many health benefits – cancer being the main disease, but what is marijuana(cannabis) exactly? Marijuana is a preparation of the cannabis plant that is used recreationally and medicinally for its pyschoactive characters. The chemicals associated with this is known as THC ( Tetrahydrolcannabinol) and CBD( cannabidiol) which create a hightened experience, essentially, your thoughts are magnified. It’s also important to note that cannabinoids are natural chemicals found in the brain. Cannabis has many nicknames such as weed, reefer, ganja, dank, greens etc. Of the most recent major news the past few years, Colorado was the first state followed by Washington to legalize the use a marijuana. To this day, there are many mixed thoughts about this subject, but we don’t really care about that right now as much as you’d like to know if Marijuana does help reduce knee pain and swelling… let’s take a look.


Benefits of Marijuana for knee pain and swelling:

  • THC – when ingested or inhaled – has been known to relieve pain and inflammation as well as relax your muscles.
  • It works as a neuroprotective antioxidant with 20x the anti-inflammatory power of aspirin.
  • 2x the power of hydrocorisone – an anti-inflammatory. (Russo, 2011).
  • CBD is the second most common cannabinoid and is more commonly known for it’s medicinal health benefits without the commonly sought after euphoria or lethargy that recreational consumers seek.
  • CBD and THC are more effective when used together, an even more powerful anti-oxidant than vitamin C and vitamin E (Lee,2011).
  • Helps regulate blood pressure. This could help for healthier circulation after acl surgery.
  • Facilitates bone re-absorption. This means the bone tunnels in your knee that were used to funnel your acl will close faster, which could help speed your acl recovery.
  • Arthritis—Marijuana can alleviate pain and inflammation linked to arthritis.
  • Cancer—Research in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics found that cannabidiol found in marijuana, turns off a gene called “Id-1,” which cancer cells use to spread.
  • Improves Lung Health—Research in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that marijuana can increase lung capacity, not decrease it as many people have long believed.

Testimonials from patients using marijuana after acl surgery at Amerimed of Colorado

  •  “I would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Shackelford and his colleagues at Amarimed … I have received amazing and almost immediate relief of the knee pain that I’ve been experiencing since the reconstruction of my left ACL. I have also received other positive benefits from the use of medical marijuana, and have begun tracking the uniquely individual effects of the different strains.”
  • “Dr. Shackelford – Due to your recommendation I have been ingesting Marijuana products to help with my knee pain for the past two months.I could not be more pleased with the results, I am able to work a whole day as an IT Technician again without noticing issues with my knee. Ladders are no problem and I can crawl under desks to reach network cables again. Thank you for all you have done to help me.”

What is the downside of Marijuana use?

  • Addiction and/or withdrawal – with individuals that stop using it after being dependent on it and abuse it.
  • Anxiety and paranoia – in certain people that react differently, but mainly from consuming too much.
  • Impaired memory – short term memory is pretty much out the door.
  • Altered state of consciousness – effects those that don’t use it often and feel “different” or “funny,”
  • Heart attack -One study found an increase risk of heart attack within the first hour of smoking marijuana.

***Bonus*** As an example for the downside of consuming “TOO MUCH” Marijuana, watch the video below of a Police officer that ate weed brownies that he consiscated. It’s also important to note that weed brownies will SLAP you in the face.

My Personal Experience with Marijuana for knee pain and swelling

One hot summer in Arizona during my junior year at Arizona State University, I’m sitting on the floor of my living room the day after my surgery, worthless. I’m in pain, on drugs, and it’s difficult to do anything. While i’m sitting there as helpless as I could ever feel after my first major acl surgery, I wondered if smoking weed would help ease the pain, or worse, help heighten the pain… only one way to find out. So, hobbling over to grab my stash of goodies – I was a recreational smoker – to load up the pipe and eat a weed brownie…moments go by and… i’m high. The effects from smoking weed only take a few minutes, while eating an edible(food with weed in it) can take a few hours to hit you, and when it does, you’ll feel like you’re melting into your couch of how relaxed your body feels. Eating an edible may be the best way for your body to relax, from my experience, that is. Smoking weed would make me paranoid sometimes, which is why I felt that eating weed brownies helped tremendously for my body to relax. Whether this truly did help with my knee swelling, I don’t know, but what I do know is that it helped me cope with my knee pain. I do not endorse the illegal use of marijuana, but rather a way to inform you of alternatives contrary to societal norms. If you’d like to get around this, maybe you can get prescribed as I do not want to encourage you to get in trouble with the law since it is “illegal” and can result in harsh punishment. If you think weed is “bad” for your body, I recommend you do more research about the countless health benefits and medical studies done on marijuana. If you drink alcohol or use tobacco and you think weed is bad for you, I’m going to slap you in the face through this screen. =)

Marijuana for Knee Pain and Swelling

Marijuana for Knee Pain and Swelling

…thank you for reading. Go take care of your knees’ now.




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  1. Dwight J Mattox says:

    Thanks everyone. I had a total knee replacement 7 weeks ago. One word for post-op,PAIN lots and lots of really PAIN and I was given some marijuana and it helped me calm down when the PAIN (even with perocets). I normally don’t smoke this but with this much pain I’m thankful.

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