Lindsey Vonn’s ACL Comeback Documentary: The Climb

Lindsey Vonn’s  Documentary: The Climb, Debut’s Sunday, January 25th at 3PM E.T. on NBC.



Lindsey Vonn is the best women’s alpine skier in American history. The 5’10,30-year-old skier from Saint Paul, Minnesota has won 61 World Cup titles in every imaginable discipline, along with Olympic Medal’s to add to her stature. She’s been dominating for years with a long list of awards, championships, and medals. She is only 1 World Cup victory behind the all-time record by Austrian legend, Annemarie Moser-Proll. She seeks to climb to 63 World Cup victories to be the new all-time best in her sport. Oh, and did I mention? She’s pretty damn sexy… but she’s dating Tiger Woods. Do I care? No. Lindsey, will you marry me..? 


Lindsey Vonn’s photoshoot for Vogue

Anyways, back on track, let’s take a look at a few notable wins:

  • At 18,  Vonn was the downhill silver medalist at the U.S. Alpine Championships at Mt. Alyeska Resort, Girdwood, Alaska
  • After a sprained ACL in her right knee in 2007, she came back to win the overall World Cup for 3 consecutive years(2008-2010).
  • At the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, she won the bronze medal in super-G and gold medal in downhill.
  • In 2012, Vonn won her fourth Overall World Cup Title. She became the 6th woman ever to win in all events at least once..

Lindsey Vonn winning a Gold and Bronze medal at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

After dominating for so many year’s it’s almost as if the Alpine Ski Gods wanted to test her resiliency with a torn ACL that she had a horrifying crash during her Wold Cup super-G run in Schladming, Austria, ultimately having to evacuate her to the nearest hospital via helicopter. In the video below, you can see how badly she blows out her knee(torn ACL, MCL, and fractured tibia), screaming in pain that sends chills down your spine.


Lindsey Vonns reconstructed knee after surgery

What ACL graft did Lindsey Vonn have? On February 13th, Lindsey Vonn underwent an ACL and MCL reconstruction with a hamstring graft; meniscus trephination.

CAUTION: Lindsey Vonn’s crash on February 5th at the FIS Alpine Skiing World Championship, Women’s Super G in Schladming, Austria is extremely painful accident to watch as you can hear her scream in excruciating pain. 

You’re probably wondering, “Did you need to share the video of Lindsey Vonn’s injury?” As much as I didn’t want to share the video with you because the sounds of her in excruciating pain bring back memories of the exact time you tore the ACL in your knee, which is the exact reason why I chose to share it. Yes, the recurrence of a horrific and emotional injury isn’t a scenario you want to relive, however, it’s important to remind yourself at how far you’ve been.


Lindsey Vonn’s ACL physical therapy

“Why, you ask?” When you see an athlete endure an ACL injury, your level of respect is much higher for that individual fighting to make a valiant comeback than someone who has never overcame a career-threatening injury.Sadly enough, only 10 months later in November, she partially re-tears her ACL & meniscus on a practice run which forced her to withdraw from the Sochi Olympics.


Lindsey Vonn’s Neuromuscular training

GoPro: Linsey Vonn – Moving Forward. Lindsey talks about her life after tearing her ACL twice.

After re-injuring the ACL in her right knee, she made a remarkable comeback, returning to the top of the podium at the 2014 World Cup downhill race in Alberta, Canda, her most critical milestone. If you’re this type of athlete that’s re-injured their ACL, just know that you’re not alone and that you must continue the fight to come back.

Video below is of her World Cup winning race at LAKE LOUISE, AB (Dec. 6) – Lindsey Vonn (Vail, CO) reclaimed her title as Queen of the Downhill at Lake Louise on Saturday, winning her 60th Audi FIS Ski World Cup and capping a first-ever U.S. Ski Team podium sweep. 
Below is a cool Infograph of Lindsey Vonn’s ACL recovery timeline:


Now that you have a better understanding of Lindsey Vonn and her recovery, what knee brace does she wear?  If you’ve read my previous articles and conversations on social media, you will know that I am not one for being reluctant upon a knee brace, HOWEVER, that is only the case for non-adventure sports like basketball, soccer and football. When it comes to outdoor action sports such as snowboarding, motorcross, biking and skiing, I suggest finding the right knee brace to endure the level of impact from the high jumps and rugged terrains that accompany these sports. Check out the DonJoy Defiance Knee Brace.


Lindsey Vonn Wears Don Joy Knee Braces

Lindsey Vonn’s Documentary over the course of 2013 and 2014 has been coined       “The Climb”  as she seeks to over-take Austrian legend, Annemarie Moser-Proll, as the all-time greatest skier in Women’s history. Her documentary takes you on a journey from the operating room to her chase for competing at the 2015 World Championships, which takes place in her hometown at Vail, Colorado.

The hour-long film is produced by Red Bull Media House, in association with NFL Films and NBC Olympics, will take inside look at Lindsey Vonn’s ACL recovery over the course of the last two years. Set your alarms for the debut Sunday, January 25, at 3PM ET on NBC.

“This is the most inside look I’ve ever given to my world, and I hope it inspires others” – Lindsey Vonn

Here’s an infograph of her climb to 63 World Cup Titles


All I can say is, it has been an absolute pleasure to write this article about Lindsey Vonn and her journey as she recovered from two torn ACL’s. I – along with the tens of thousands of readers – will always hold a special place in my heart for Lindsey Vonn. Lindsey Vonn, I hope you are reading this, you are one of the most inspiring athletes to have ever recovered from a torn ACL(x2) and we’re here to all witness and encourage the greatest comeback!

Now, let’s finally watch the Lindsey Vonn’s trailer for her documentary: The Climb.

“The most important thing is to stay focused on the end game, the end goal,” she said. “And that’s getting back to the slopes. “If I can motivate myself to come into rehab every day and do what I’m supposed to do, that’s gonna be huge in the long run.” Lindsey Vonn on Today Health

Follow Lindsey Vonn on Instagram and through her campaign #LiVeTheClimb

Lindsey Vonn’s “The Climb” Documentary is now available on NBC Sports: WATCH IT HERE! 

or HERE on RedBull TV


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  1. Ginger says:

    Enjoyed reading and watching this after tearing my acl beginning of 2014 after being state tennis champs 2013. Very inspiring it’s been hard getting strong mostly on my on and getting that last extra 25% of strength. I feel your pain…girl power!!

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    fully enjoyed. .. her resolution is unbelievable … super woman is the exact name
    i had the similar tearing in my ACL and lateral meniscus in skiing , and surgery done at Feb 2015 …but still i am involved the rehab process …and just trying to keep update my knowledge in this regards , although i had good progress till now when i started the rehab after 5 months from the date of surgery.
    i will appreciate for any effective advice , or reliable sources.

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