Anatomy of the left knee joint

Knee ligaments, knee picture, knee diagram

Diagram of ligaments and bones that make up the knee joint

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  1. Dean Brooks says:

    Hi im a 36 year old guy. Ive had a acl repair and miniscus repair both on right knee. A year ago i hyper extended my left knee wich led to me wearing a brace. My knee seems worse i have an upcoming appt with my dr. Should i tell him i want surgery i want my knee corrected plz reply back thanks

    • egrabin says:

      Hi Dean,

      Before you tell your Doctor that you want surgery, you should first request an MRI. The MRI is the only way to give you a precise answer to whether your need surgery or not in order to tell if you’ve torn a ligament. This depends on the severity of the hyperextension. I’ll create a post about hyperextensions. Best of luck, Dean

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