Knee Ligaments

You Knee consists of 4 ligaments:

The 4 ligaments that hold the knee together are known as the ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL.

Knee Ligaments

  • ACL (Anterior-Cruciate Ligament) is the main ligament inside the knee that is torn when an athlete’s knee is injured. A complete ACL tear requires surgery and will take 6 to 12 months of physical therapy. Normally, the athlete can return after 9 months depending on the athletes conditioning and recovery.
  • MCL( medial collateral ligament) is the ligament located on the inner side of your knee. It is common to sprain the MCL or to tear it at the same time with an ACL tear when pivoting and over-rotating. If it’s just an MCL tear, recovery time can rage from 3 to 4 months.
  • LCL( lateral collateral ligament) is the ligament located on the outer side of your knee, which is used to stabilize side to side movements. LCL injury is normally associated with a direct blow and isn’t as common as an MCL or ACL tear.
  • PCL( posterior collateral ligament) is the ligament inside the knee which prevents the tibia from moving to the rear. ┬áInjury to the PCL is normally associated with direct blows and aren’t as common as the MCL and ACL tears.

2 Responses

  1. Lee Morris says:

    I have damaged my medial collateral ligament (I think…) doing Judo as I over-rotated during a throw. I am awaiting a hospital appointment that’s a little over 4 weeks away. What can I do in the meantime to take the dreadful ache away? Should I exercise or elevate, should I apply heat or an ice-pack, ibuprophen or not ibuprophen….just not sleeping much so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated please.

  2. rahul says:

    Hi Lee,
    Sorry to hear about your injury.
    As you have mentioned that you have got an injury in the MCL is it preassumed or it is is been reported in MRI of your knee. If it is showing up in your MRI report then you probably need to consult a good ortho, because any further treatment could only be prescribed once the severity of your injury is known. In the mean time you take basic precaution like doing light workout to maitain muscular balnce in the quad & ham muscles like leg curl & extension.Wearing the knee support to stabilise the joint, but do not forget to remove it during the workout as not removing it will cause muscular instability. You can use ice pack if you get swelling in the area but do not do hot fermentation as it will aggrevate the injury. When you sleep or rest put a cushion below your knee socket to elevate the joint.
    & try to consult a good ortho as soon as possible.

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