Georges St-Pierre’s(GSP) Torn ACL Documentary

GSP’s Torn ACL Documentary

Georges St-Pierre tore his ACL with a partially torn MCL and meniscus in his right knee for the first time during a training session in December of 2011. He was preparing for his title match against Nick Diaz at UFC 143 on February 4th, 2012. Due to his injury, Condit replaced GSP to fight Diaz and would eventually defeat him by unanimous decision for the interim belt. GSP’s last fight was on April 30th, 2011 at UFC 129. He defeated Jake Shields by unanimous decision.

 GSP Fights Condit at UFC 154 on November 17th, 2012

In an excerpt written by Frank Curreri on, he writes…

In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t expect to see such a rejuvenated, well-conditioned and supremely confident GSP at UFC 154. Only 10 months removed from major surgery, I expected there to be some psychological compromise, some doubt in the recesses of GSP’s mind as to how his knee would hold up in a live fight. Some hesitation and huffing and puffing in round five seemed natural for the 31-year-old. After all, potentially career-threatening, right?

Let me tell you what – that might have been the best GSP I’ve seen yet. It certainly shed the most light on the strength of his character. Considering how deep GSP had to dig within himself, how he needed to pick himself off the canvas in the third round; it was definitely his finest performance, and it came when he needed it most and against the most dangerous opponent he’s ever faced. Whatever GSP may have lacked in timing while in the Octagon a few weeks ago, he compensated for with the most palpable fire to win we’ve ever seen from him. Prior to that night, even some of the champ’s most loyal supporters were left with the feeling that he was holding a lot back inside the cage and had much more to give. Certain comments seemed to shadow GSP even as he racked up wins. Rather than fighting to win, he seemed to be fighting not to lose. Fans still adored and admired the welterweight prince, but many couldn’t resist thinking, “His fights are boring …. He fights too conservative … But he doesn’t finish fights … But he doesn’t like to get hit.”

A blood-soaked, 25-minute scrap against Condit quashed all of those criticisms. We saw GSP in a dogfight, his face as marked up as we’ve ever seen afterward, and saw how badly he wanted to win. Unlike other recent title bouts, GSP laid everything on the line against Condit and made good on his pre-fight promise: “All those who doubted me will have a reality check because I’m better than ever.”

On February 20th, 2014, GSP’s documentary “Takedown: The DNA of GSP” which can be watched here

Georges St-Piere Tears ACL in Left Knee

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre suffered a torn ACL in his left knee in March of 2014, an injury which effectively precludes St-Pierre from any immediate comeback to the sport he dominated for the better part of a decade.

“Just got confirmation that I tore my left knee ACL during training this week. Surgery in a few days and rehab starts right away,” St-Pierre announced on his Facebook page.

“We all face challenges in our lives and I know only one way to take this one: Pain, hard work, no shortcuts and I will soon be back at 100%. Stay tuned and thanks for your amazing support, as always.”

St-Pierre suffered a sprained MCL in the same knee back in mid-2011. The injury forced him out of a planned UFC 137 title defense against Nick Diaz, and ultimately led St-Pierre to tear his right ACL in December 2011 due to what he described as overcompensation.

It’s not a problem for me…Anyway, I didn’t plan to come back to competition before 2015. And if I want to come back, when I want to come back, I’ll do it again. I’ll have all the tools to do it again. I’m not going to be less strong or less athletic — I’m going to be just better…I’ll have two bionic knees.

“I know the way now. It’s going to be even better,” St-Pierre said. “But the thing is you can’t go faster than your body heals. I don’t want to go too fast.”

Here’s the latest post from GSP about his knee as of January 5th, 2015:

“Knee back at 100%, training hard and feeling great!”

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MMA Fighting: GSP Tears ACL in Training

GSP Tears ACL in Left Knee

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