Adrian Peterson’s ACL Recovery Documentary

Adrian Peterson’s Remarkable ACL Recovery

Make no mistake that Adrian Peterson’s recovery from a torn ACL and MCL is nothing short of miraculous! Back in 2011 against the Washington Redskins, Adrian Peterson sustained a hit from safety Dejon Gomes. Adrian Peterson immediately had surgery one week later on New Year’s Eve and went right into physical therapy.

Adrian Peterson ACL Surgery New Years Eve

Adrian Peterson ACL Surgery New Years Eve

Peterson rested the fate of his knee on the most sought-after orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews. He wanted the process to start as fast as possible, which he knew could be a long, lonely path.”It can be (lonely),” Peterson said. “But, really, you make it out how you want to make it out. I didn’t really try and stress too much about it. I took it for what it was. I just looked at it in front of me and said to myself this is what you have to do. These are steps of what it’s going to take to come back. It was lonely at times. Don’t get me wrong. It’s all about being mentally tough and getting through those tough times. I never wondered. I always knew I would come back. And I would be stronger than I was before. Getting the mark that doctors put out there for ACL injuries, I knew I had enough time for what they projected. And I told myself I was going to beat that. I want to come back better than that. I know they are basing that off guys who go through the rehab process and work. But (they) can’t base it off of me because in my mind my work ethic is one of a kind. How I approach things is one of a kind, so I knew I would be ahead of the curve.” – Adrian Peterson during an interview with CBS Sports

Adrian Peterson made a vow to himself to be ready for the first game of the season. 9 vigorous months later, he’s suiting up for the Minnesota Viking’s first game of the season against the.”Coming into the first game, walking out of that tunnel, was the best feeling in the world,” Peterson said. “It was a quick flashback of everything I went through and been through to get to that point. So many people didn’t think I was going to be there. Getting ready for that first hit wasn’t something I dwelled on. I knew I was ready to play. I didn’t really think about it. It was anything I was worried about taking a hit to the leg. I was sitting back here in the backfield knowing the play is coming to me. It’s funny because I’m sure people thought the first play was coming to me. It was a pass play. Sitting back here (pointing to himself on the screen), while we break the huddle, I am thinking to myself it would be awesome to take it to the house the first play.”

“…It was my first time in nine months touching a football and playing. I am so full of energy and ready to roll. You kind of take things for granted. But going through the process I was able to sit back and really appreciate the game I play, knowing how fast it can be taken from you.” – Adrian Peterson discussing his first game back.



Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson — just one year removed from major knee surgery — ran all over the Green Bay Packers in the team’s final regular-season game of the year, putting the Vikings into the playoffs. Adrian Peterson was just nine yards shy of setting the NFL record for most yards in a single season.



“I know with ‘D. Rose’ people are coming down on him, and all that comes with it, because I set the standard high,” Peterson said during a phone interview. “But not everybody’s body heals like mine, and you can’t jump to conclusions about anyone…people’s bodies don’t heal the same. That’s the main thing.” Because of Adrian Peterson’s insane comeback from a torn ACL, many have speculated whether or not he has taken any PEDs(Performance Enhancing Drugs) or stem cell therapy. However, Peterson made strong denials of going this route and it has not been brought up again.

One game during Peterson’s remarkable ACL comeback year, an Unnamed Lions linebacker said, “Whatever you were juicing on, let me know. I need it.”

Peterson responded, “Man, it’s a lot of prayer. The juice of God.”

“It was like turning a negative into a positive,” Peterson said. “To be honest with you, it makes me feel good when people say little stuff like that, and I’m sure it happens all the time. I guess I am performing that well that people think I’m juicing, that I am taking something. That really shows me how much God has blessed me to be able to come back and play the way I played. To me, it’s a compliment (the PED talk). I’ve always been an honest person. I never cheated the system. I am big on taking advantage of my natural abilities and applying work ethic to it to be able to climb the highest level. People make that decision to do that (PEDS), but I’m not that individual. I feel like I’d be cheating myself. And things I’ve accomplished would be void. That’s not what I am about.”

Adrian Peterson’s Remarkable Year After an ACL Injury



Peterson was named league MVP, capping off his miraculous comeback and making him the poster-child for ACL surgeries, something he is proud to have next to his name.

With Petersons god-like performance in 2012, he won the very notable awards:

“Yeah, it does make me proud,” he said. “God put us here for a reason. When I have this platform, not only this but to be a role model to kids, to be able to inspire people through my life trials that I have overcome — even more so off the field. To have people look up to me and say, ‘You know what, Adrian came back from the ACL and everybody else doubted him. He beat the odds.’ It feels good to know that God gave me the ability and the mindset to focus, to be able to beat what other people say about the injury and set a mark for our youth and the world to be able to look at. If he did it, I can do it as well. That’s what it’s all about. If I didn’t have the type of season I had, people would still think for sure it’s nine months to a year (and) two years truly before you come back from an ACL injury. That’s not the case now. So it’s good to know I was able to set that standard.”



“Me setting the bar and the standard high, I know what it took,” Peterson said. “I don’t know that many people who could push themselves to that level…I understand I put the bar high. I put in the work to accelerate it. I don’t know if too many guys can do what I did.” 

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