[ACL Rehab Video] Iman Shumpert Comeback from a Torn ACL

[ACL Rehab Video] Iman Shumpert Comeback from an ACL Injury



During the first round NBA playoffs¬†against the Miami Heat, Iman Shumper felt his left knee “pop” and was forced to leave the game. He suffered a torn acl and meniscus.

“I took a step to explode and go up to the rim and i felt it pop, ” said Iman Shumpert. ( via Barbara Barker of Newsday) “Last time I felt it pop, I was out for eight months. I was nervous and more scared than anyhting.” That’s something we call all relate to, and it’s pretty damn scary. However, if you stay consistent with your physical therapy and continue to pay close attention to your acl rehab, you will return stronger than before. Below is a short video of Iman Shumpert’s acl rehab.

Bonus: ¬†Iman Shumpert’s NASTY put-back dunk against the Indiana Pacers in Game 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi-finals. This is just another showcase of working hard during your ACL rehab.



Iman Shumpert Torn ACl – Bleacher Report

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